The Secrets of Peacemaking

The Secrets of Peacemaking by Greg Stone

When you discover your true nature as an immortal soul, you discover the secret path to peace.

The Secrets of Peacemaking reveals age-old principles of conflict resolution.

Successful peacemakers respect the true nature of a human, a person’s essence as an immortal soul and their relationship with the Divine.

Secrets serves as the foundation of faith-based reconciliation.

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About the Book

The Secrets of Peacemaking transcends mundane conflict resolution, exploring foundational principles that arise from man’s essence as an immortal soul. The Secrets’ protocol illuminates the path to the Peace of Christ. The concise work provides mediators and other peacemakers with core faith-based concepts that bring about enduring world peace.

Direct knowledge of one’s true nature as Divine Self, as immortal soul, brings tranquility.