Beyond This Life

Beyond This Life, a Near-death Experience Novel by Greg Stone

They didn’t know if he would live, he didn’t know he was dead.

Beyond this Life, a novel of the near-death experience, invites readers on a spiritual adventure. Enjoy this rare journey into the afterlife that reveals our true nature as immortal souls. Philosophy, science, and spirituality are lifted to new heights. Ray Carte, departs his body as a result of a car crash and is led to question the role divine love plays in our existence beyond this life.

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About the Book

In this novel of the near-death experience, Greg Stone takes his readers on a rare journey into the Afterlife on an adventure you will not want to miss.

After the crash, Ray Carte finds himself in a strange world where he meets a spirit guide who must help him understand his condition. Her lessons are his only hope for returning returning to those he loves.

Beyond this Life will change your views of life and death. It will redefine the debate between skeptics and believers. And it may prepare you to face the lessons we all will encounter beyond this life.

Explore amazing realms of… Heaven, Near-Death Experiences, The Afterlife, Souls, Love, Immortality, Spirituality, Philosophy, Science, Purgatory, and Out of Body Experiences.

This wasn’t a mere hallucination. He hadn’t merely bumped his head and he wasn’t dreaming. HE WAS DEAD.

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