Taming the Wolf: Peace through Faith

Taming the Wolf: Peace through Faith by Greg Stone

Classic guide to faith-based peacemaking inspired by St. Francis of Assisi.

Taming the Wolf: Peace Through Faith combines contemporary conflict resolution concepts with the peacemaking legacy of St. Francis. Learn how to bring the resources of faith to bear on conflict resolution while undergoing spiritual transformation. Become a peacemaker and tame the wolf that threatens your happiness, joy, and contentment.
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About the Book

When opposing parties become locked in battle, unresolved conflict persists like a runaway train. Parties hurtle down the tracks toward disaster with Fate at the controls.

Taming the Wolf: Peace through Faith guides readers through conflict resolution with practical lessons. The manual address difficult situations that crush happiness and snuff out hope.

With a faith-based approach, Taming offers tools and techniques that will help you become not just a mediator, but rather a Franciscan peacemaker.

If we hope to avoid the ruinous consequences of unresolved conflict, something has to change. A transformation must occur. Taming guides readers through transformative steps to reconciliation.

Taming the Wolf provides a road map for change when conflict escalates. With an emphasis on spiritual transformation, the classic guide brings the power of faith to peacemaking.

The wolf represents the stalking enemy who appears out of the distance advancing toward us with fangs bared. It also represents the hidden enemy growling in the shadows of our minds.