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Disappointed expectations are a major conflict driver. When a person wants to be something and is denied that right, expectations are blunted. When they want to do something and are blocked, expectations are disappointed. When they want to have something and are deprived, expectations are crushed. In all such cases, conflict is inevitable. All too often these disappointed expectations…
Divine Collaboration encourages parties to assess their needs, interests, and intentions, while keeping God’s interests in mind. Divine Collaboration encourages parties to align their personal wills with the Will of God. Typically, at the outset, party intentions aim in a variety of directions. “Vectors of intention” are not uniformly aligned; rather, they’re random. In fact, collisions of misaligned “vectors…
Frequently I encounter the claim, “I’m spiritual but not religious.” You may have heard something similar, or you may have expressed the same sentiment.  I’m not certain the assertion stands up to scrutiny. Is it even possible to be spiritual but not religious? Perhaps the assertion demonstrates confusion regarding spiritual matters. Perhaps the phrase is intentionally misleading. Or perhaps…
Readers have asked why I decided to write Beyond this Life, a novel of the near death experience. After all, my previous works focused on peacemaking in the nonfiction genre. Yet the transition makes perfect sense, as my desire to write Beyond This Life was fueled by reflections on peacemaking. Reconciliation efforts, I discovered, screeched to a halt when…
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About Greg Stone

Greg Stone fills the pages of his books with reflections on peace, salvation, freedom, knowledge, healing, and love, in the hope that such reflections prove valuable to others on their spiritual journey.

His works include both fiction and non-fiction that focus on the theme of faith-based reconciliation.

Beyond This Life by Greg Stone

Beyond This Life

They didn’t know if he would live, he didn’t know he was dead.


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